Rick Sanford has been playing drums since he was a child. His eclectic musical taste and extensive knowledge of a wide variety of musical genres served him well as the manager of a record store and provide a rich source of inspiration in his playing. Jeremy Vajda is a multi-instrumentalist whose performance experience ranges from singing Bach in a touring choir to playing rock and blues in a bar band. His instrument of choice in this group is the keyboard, allowing him to take advantage of a wide range of sounds and textures. Timothy Vajda studied music theory and composition at Webster University and has been involved in many performances of early music playing viola da gamba, as well as playing electric guitar in several bands. In this group he plays either electric guitar or amplified viola da gamba, depending on the context.
Catnip College is an instrumental group that specializes in ensemble improvisation, in which each member has an equal role and can influence the direction the music takes at any time. Each player brings to the group a different musical background and set of influences, resulting in music with a modal flavor that incorporates elements of rock, jazz, and classical.